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Roosevelt & Wells

Chicago, Illinois

Our design approach is to create an innovative, urban development consisting of three superblocks, shopping streets, and a river promenade. A boulevard with shops, restaurants and terraces is positioned along the Chicago River. Stairs and indoor elevators connect the promenade with the upper level shopping street. A two/three story robotic parking garage is accessible from Lower Wells Street or Upper Wells Street. The garage will satisfy the total parking requirement for this development. The podium building is a mixed use complex in seven stories around 80 feet in height. Shops, restaurants, loading and mechanical space is located at street level. The nicely landscaped streets are connected with stairs and indoor elevators to the river promenade below. The upper six levels consist of apartments surrounding a park-like courtyard. The three raised courtyards are connected with wide, green bridges, creating a semi-private park for the residences of this development. Two of the three are residential high rises. The middle tower is a hotel/office complex. In order to optimize the views, a checker board composition for the towers is introduced, guaranteeing free, open vistas from each high rise.

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